U S Attack Helicopter AH-64 Apache 1:144 Zvezda plastic model kit

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Please note this is a model kit and you need to build the model from small parts. 

This is not a finished product listing. Listing images are of finished model for reference only. 

Snap Fir, No Glue required

Scale 1:144 plastic model kit

Manufactured in Russia

Not suitable for children under 14years of age.

Finished product length - 10.5 cm

21 parts 

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The AH-64 Apache is an advanced attack helicopter that is in service with the Indian Army. It is a formidable platform designed for close air support, anti-armor operations, and reconnaissance missions.

Manufactured by Boeing, the AH-64 Apache is known for its agility, firepower, and advanced avionics systems. It features a two-person crew configuration, with a pilot and a co-pilot/gunner, seated in tandem. The helicopter is equipped with a wide range of weapons, including a 30mm M230 chain gun, rockets, and air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles.

The Apache's advanced sensor suite includes a Longbow fire control radar, day/night sensors, and a targeting system that provides superior situational awareness and precision engagement capabilities. Its integrated avionics allow for seamless communication and coordination with ground forces, enhancing mission effectiveness and coordination.

The Indian Army's AH-64 Apaches have been customized to meet the specific requirements of the Indian military. These helicopters have been integrated with Indian-specific communication systems and have undergone modifications to operate effectively in the varied terrains and weather conditions of the country.

The Apache helicopters provide critical support to the Indian Army in various operational scenarios, including counter-insurgency operations, border security, and anti-armor missions. With its firepower, speed, and versatility, the AH-64 Apache significantly enhances the Indian military's combat capabilities.



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