Russian launch vehicle S-400 Triumf SA-21 Growler 1:72 Zvezda plastic model kit

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Please note this is a model kit and you need to build the model from small parts. 

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Scale 1:72 plastic model kit

Manufactured in Russia

Not suitable for children under 14years of age.

Finished product length - 18.6 cm

283 parts 

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The Russian S-400 Triumf air defense system is a highly advanced and potent weapon system that has been acquired by the Indian military. It is considered one of the most sophisticated surface-to-air missile systems in the world.

The S-400 Triumf system is designed to detect, track, and engage a wide range of aerial targets, including aircraft, drones, and ballistic missiles. It is capable of simultaneously engaging multiple targets at various altitudes and speeds, making it a formidable defense asset.

The system comprises of different components, including a command and control center, radar systems, and missile launchers. It utilizes advanced radar technology, such as phased array radars, which provide exceptional target detection and tracking capabilities.

The S-400 is armed with a variety of interceptor missiles, including long-range missiles that can engage targets at distances of up to 400 kilometers (248 miles). These missiles are highly maneuverable and possess advanced guidance systems, enabling them to effectively neutralize incoming threats.

With its robust capabilities, the S-400 Triumf enhances India's air defense posture, providing a significant layer of protection to critical assets and national airspace. It acts as a deterrent against potential aerial threats and strengthens India's overall defense capabilities.

India's acquisition of the S-400 system underscores its commitment to modernizing and fortifying its defense infrastructure. The S-400 is a valuable addition to India's military arsenal, reflecting its emphasis on advanced defense technologies and its strategic partnership with Russia.


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