Russian attack helicopter MIL MI-35M hind E 1:72 Zvezda plastic model kit

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Scale 1:72 plastic model kit

Manufactured in Russia

Not suitable for children under 14years of age.

Finished product length - 29 cm

285 parts 

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The MI-35M Hind E is a versatile attack helicopter that is in service with the Indian Air Force (IAF). It is an upgraded variant of the legendary MI-24 Hind, which has been extensively used by militaries worldwide.

Manufactured by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant in Russia, the MI-35M Hind E combines advanced technology with combat-proven capabilities. It is a twin-engine, heavily armored helicopter designed for close air support, anti-armor operations, and reconnaissance missions.

The MI-35M Hind E is equipped with a range of powerful weapons systems, including a chin-mounted 30mm cannon, rockets, and anti-tank guided missiles. It has a robust sensor suite, including day/night targeting systems, thermal imaging cameras, and radar, which enhance its situational awareness and targeting capabilities.

The Indian Air Force employs the MI-35M Hind E in various operational roles, such as providing fire support to ground forces, conducting air interdiction missions, and carrying out armed reconnaissance. It is also capable of conducting troop transport and casualty evacuation when required.

The MI-35M Hind E has proven to be a reliable asset for the Indian military, contributing to its battlefield effectiveness and providing a potent deterrent against hostile forces. Its versatility, firepower, and ruggedness make it suitable for operations in diverse environments, including high-altitude regions and challenging terrains.


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