The Importance of Unboxing Videos

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In the realm of online shopping, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust is paramount. As sellers, we are committed to delivering our products in the best possible condition to our customers. Unboxing videos play a crucial role in this process, offering several benefits that contribute to a positive shopping experience. In this article, we'll delve into why unboxing videos are essential from a seller's perspective.

1. Ensures Product Quality:

Unboxing videos serve as tangible proof of the product's condition upon delivery. Despite our best efforts to package items securely, there's always a risk of damage during transit. Unboxing videos allow customers to inspect the product in detail, checking for any signs of damage or defects. This visual evidence is invaluable, as it ensures that customers receive the high-quality products they expect. Additionally, our insurance provider requires unboxing videos as part of the claims process, highlighting their importance in safeguarding against damage.

2. Transparency and Accountability:

Transparency is key to building trust with our customers. Unboxing videos provide transparency throughout the shipping process, demonstrating our commitment to delivering products in optimal condition. While we take every precaution to package items carefully, the involvement of third-party courier and logistics companies introduces an element of uncertainty. Unboxing videos reassure customers that their orders have been handled with care from our end. This level of accountability fosters trust and confidence in our brand.

3. Simplifies the Return Process:

In the unfortunate event that a product arrives damaged or defective, unboxing videos simplify the return process. By recording the unboxing experience, customers have concrete evidence to support their claims. This streamlines the resolution process, allowing us to address issues promptly and effectively. Without unboxing videos, resolving disputes over product condition becomes more challenging, leading to delays and frustration for both parties.

4. Prevents Misunderstandings:

Misunderstandings often arise when customers receive damaged products without evidence to support their claims. Unboxing videos eliminate such misunderstandings by documenting the condition of the product upon arrival. This ensures that both sellers and customers are on the same page regarding the product's condition, reducing the likelihood of disputes. Additionally, unboxing videos serve as a form of communication, reassuring customers that their concerns are being taken seriously.

5. Peace of Mind for Customers:

Ultimately, unboxing videos provide peace of mind for customers. Knowing that they have visual evidence of the unboxing process reassures them that their purchase is protected. Even if a product arrives undamaged, the act of making an unboxing video instills confidence in the overall shopping experience. Customers appreciate the transparency and proactive approach to customer service, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Unboxing Video Instructions

Shipping is the most critical process in the life cycle of a physical product buying experience on an e-commerce website. This process is prone to issues & human error that can’t be resolved with the click of a button. Any issues that might occur due to unforeseen circumstances during the process need to be documented properly. Also, the use of third-party courier services makes it even more stringent as we need to present the evidence to them if we want to claim any issues/damages. This is one of the reasons we ask everyone to make an unboxing video. This is something that can only be done by the person receiving it. Buying online comes with its own perks and responsibilities. No courier company is perfect, and their weakest point, most of the time is the person responsible for pickup/delivery. Saying that, we suggest one should make an unboxing video not only while buying from us but for any online purchase you do.

Unboxing videos are compulsory when you purchase from our website, and without it, we will not entertain any queries regarding this. When you are purchasing something, you are not only interacting with us but with a third-party courier service also which has their own set of guidelines and processes for any issues. If you don’t take a video and find any issues with delivery, even if it may seem obvious to you, it may not be to us and definitely not to the courier company. Even if we try to get the issue resolved, it can take a lot of time without a video and is not guaranteed to be resolved. Taking a video might seem like a hassle but if any issue arises, it will be a more significant hassle.

The important purpose of the unboxing video is to resolve issues related to damage or defect. So please make sure when you make an unboxing video, it starts from the package label, and once the model is out of the box, inspect the model for damage or defects in front of the camera. If the damage or defect is not captured while making a video, the video will not be considered evidence of the damaged or defective product delivery.


  • When the delivery boy arrives to deliver your shipment, please inspect the shipment before accepting it. Ensure that the shipment was not tampered with by anyone. If you feel like it has been tampered with and repacked, please take pictures of the package, reject the delivery & send an email to with the shipment images, and we will verify the details. If everything is good, it will be delivered the next day. If not, it will be returned, and the order will be reshipped.
  • Put the camera on a stable place in a well-lit area so everything is clear.
  • Show the shipping label on the camera, which is present on the package. The shipping label contains the tracking number, your address, and product details. It is essential to show the shipping label clearly so it can be proven that the shipment you are unboxing is the correct shipment.
  • Show all sides of the package to demonstrate that the package has not been opened before, and you are opening it for the first time.
  • Once the shipment is opened, please make sure that the product delivered is correct and not damaged.
  • Also, check the product from all angles if there is any defect on the product. If the defect is not noticed immediately, we strictly do not entertain any request later.
  • In case everything is ok, and the product is correct & in perfect condition, you are good to go.
  • In case of a damaged shipment: Once the package is opened, please show the product box's condition in the camera to show any damages on the box and also show the product itself.
  • In case of a wrong product: Once the package is opened, and you suspect the product delivered is wrong, please show all the sides of the product box and labels present on the box to prove that the product is different. You don’t have to open the wrong product seal; keep it as it was delivered until the solution is provided.
  • All the steps above should be recorded without any cuts, and everything should be in frame all the time. Do not take the product or shipment out of the frame for even a slight moment.
  • Reasons like a"We could not take a video due to excitement," "I was not available when the box was opened," "It is not possible to make a video," "The box is already open," "Cannot make video as i don't have any person to hold the camera," "Why should we make the video?," "It is only sellers responsibility to tackle this issue," etc., will not be taken into consideration, and we will not be able to help in this case.
  • Once the package is opened and repacked just for the purpose of the unboxing video, such a video will not be accepted.


In Conclusion:

Unboxing videos are more than just a requirement – they are a vital tool for ensuring customer satisfaction and trust. From ensuring product quality to simplifying the return process and preventing misunderstandings, unboxing videos benefit both sellers and customers alike. By embracing the importance of unboxing videos, we can continue to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.


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