The Dennis N-Type

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Dennis Bros. Ltd, established by John and Raymond Dennis in 1901, are one of the most famous manufacturers of fire engines and other specialist vehicles. The most famous of Dennis Vehicles is the fire engine, variations of which were exported around the world, including to the fire services of Singapore, Athens, Brisbane, Barbados, Cairo, Penang and Shanghai.
The early days of Dennis
In 1895 John and Raymond Dennis established a cycle shop in Guildford, but they quickly expanded into the motor industry, first with cars and then other types of vehicles. Due to its success the company moved to a purpose built factory in Onslow Street, Guildford . However production soon outgrew these premises and workshops were erected at Woodbridge Hill.
The Dennis N-Type is a model of commercial vehicle introduced by Dennis Brothers of Guildford in around 1905.
The "N-Type" chassis was constructed from rolled steel channel; riveted and braced at appropriate points. It incorporated a sub frame on which the engine and gearbox were mounted.
The majority of Dennis commercial vehicles were built on this type of chassis until further chassis designs were introduced. The last vehicles based on this design were produced in the late 1920s.
The chassis was generally fitted with engines by White and Poppe of Coventry. White and Poppe were bought by Dennis Brothers in 1919.
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